Meebhoomi 1b Andhra Pradesh – AP Mee bhoomi 1b (Document & How to Check or Download)

Meebhoomi Bhulekh is the document of Rights of land in Andhra Pradesh State. Meebhoomi 1b AP Is also A Part of This Document, We Read More About This on our website, aids gain access to digitised land records in a very easy and hassle-free method Andhra Pradesh. In addition to this, Owner can easily download the Meebhoomi passbook, likewise called as ownership certificate, from Mee bhoomi, in one click.

Portal Name

Meebhoomi 1-B

Initiated by

Government of Andhra Pradesh




To make land records publicly accessible

Official Website

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Services provided

1. AP 1B land records
2. Village landlords List
3. Land records Aadhaar Card linkages
4. Electronic passbooks
5. Survey number
6. Pattadar Passbook Statistics
7. AP FMB (field measurement book)
8. Patta Names
9. Crop types grew in land Meebhoomi Adangal Survey
10. Mee Seva and Meebhoomi issue report

Meebhoomi 1b Andhra Pradesh

Meebhoombi 1b document

Additionally called ROR, Meebhoomi 1b is a remove of land Record which is held by the Revenue Division of the state. Before the Meebhoomi digitisation of records, a register was maintained to listing land records for each village individually. Now, you can download and install Meebhoomi AP 1b online for main functions.

Meebhoomi 1B: How to Check and download?

Follow this detailed Procedure to see as well as download your Meebhoomi AP 1B paper online:

Step 1. Visit the Meebhoomi website ( as well as click ‘1-B‘ from the top menu as well as pick 1-B from the drop-down menu.

Meebhoomi 1B

Step 2. You will be rerouted to a brand-new page on Meebhoomi portal where you can locate the needed details, after sending requisite details such as area, zone, village name, etc.

You can look Meebhoomi 1b record on the basis of five standards – Survey number, account number, Aadhaar number, Name of Pattadar as well as automutation documents.

meebhoomi ap 1b

Meebhoomi: Distinction Between 1B as well as Adangal

The difference in between Meebhoomi 1B as well as Meebhoomi adangal AP is that the Meebhoomi 1B file is kept by the tehsildar and also it generally has the seller’s details.

Mee bhoomi 1B can be utilized for bank loans as well as litigation, whereas the Meebhoomi adangal is a record that has information regarding the land type, nature of land and various other info associated with land just. Meebhoomi Adangal likewise provides info concerning whether the land has actually been mortgaged.

Meebhoomi 1b as well as Meebhoomi adangal: Exactly How to Make Changes?

If you wish to make changes in Meebhoomi land records that will mirror in Meebhoomi passbook, you can increase a Meebhoomi complaint online on the Meebhoomi portal.

1. See the Mee bhoomi site and also click ‘Issues’ in the leading menu and also select ‘Document of Complaints’.

Mee bhoomi Adangal

2. On the Mee bhoomi site, mention the requisite details, consisting of kind of grievance, district name, town name, zone name and account number, aside from Aadhaar number, mobile number and also address.

Mee bhoomi

Meebhoomi: How to view mutation details?

If you want to see the anomaly info of any particular land in Andhra Pradesh, through the Meebhoomi internet site,, follow this treatment:

1. See the Meebhoomi internet portal and click on ‘1-B‘ from the top menu and also select 1B from the drop-down menu.

2. Click ‘Mutation Information By DateWise’’.


3. You will certainly be redirected to a brand-new web page on Meebhoomi internet Site, where you have to point out the following details – District, Zone, town name and also anomaly day. Send this details as well as you can watch the information.


In February 2020, Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy introduced automutation solutions, supplied by the enrollment division on the Meebhomi internet site. Before this, land owners in the state had to make personal visits to the tehsildar’s office and MeeSeva centres for land mutation.

Due adjustments have been made in the Andhra Pradesh Document of Civil Liberties in Land and also Pattadar Passbook Act, 1971, in order to initiate the automutation procedure in Andhra Pradesh. Users requesting automutation have to visit internet site and obtain the same. They do not need to pay any kind of charges for utilizing this solution on Meebhoomi web site.

Meebhoomi helpline

Applicants can contact the Meebhoomi website management board for any kind of record-related query or problems. The email ID is:

Contact us anytime for Help and Support.

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